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Love your combos!! Makes treating infection a dream!! Please tell Dr. Sara that the Pomifitrin has helped to bring up infections that lay trapped in matrix up to the surface just as she said it was intended. Really wonderful product.
Dr. Joanne M.
Saving my life, goodbye nausea and other symptoms down in 24 hours!
Claire C.
Without my Neuro-Anitiox I feel like I am a mess. I have been through chemo and have lyme. So it feels like a miracle when I take your products. Thank you.
Kathy M
I am amazed how good the apple cider vinegar Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS Works to get rid the muscle spams, even when I use it topically.
Jacque S.
Hi, Dr. Sara.
I finished your protocol for Lyme Disease, and I must say that I have renewed energy! It is great, since for the last 6 years I had zero energy.
Thank you for your products!
Gianfranco V.
I have tried many nutraceutical protocols and I have never seen a product like Yeast-Ease. I can't believe how effective it is.
Melissa A.
...I am thankful for being introduced to Jernigan products; as well as to continue to use them without building up any kind of resistance; nor, reactions. At one time in my life I used to say I was allergic to Planet Earth. Now I'm making my way back to Human!
Lynne D.
Jernigan Neuro Antitox- turned me from chronic fatigue to running a non-profit and working 17 hour days, THANK YOU!
Catherine R.
Just want to take a moment here to thank you for your herbal remedies that my husband took to get over his bronchitis after 3 rounds of antibiotics didn't clear it up. Thank you so much for your wonderful help. Appreciating you! Much love,
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Our mission is to help you reclaim your freedom by restoring your health once and for all. To free you from never-ending visits to the doctor. To free you from being a slave to medication, and to free you from the symptoms that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

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LIMITED TIME OFFER! Lymogen Apple Cider Vinegar 4oz & 2oz50% OFF! Lymogen™ was designed to help the body heal itself from the effects of the Bartonella bacteria as well as all of the various U.S. and European strains of Lyme Borrelia, and all the normal Lyme co-infections. Click here to learn more
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LIMITED TIME OFFER! Allermac ACV 4oz– 50% OFF An herbal remedy that helps the body get rid of toxins from the die-off of mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, metal toxins, ammonia toxins, Lyme toxins, and more. Also helpful when the body is dealing with the mold and fungi that may elicit an allergic response. Click here for more information
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Protection Shield creates an 8-hour greaseless and odorless barrier on your hands like invisible gloves.
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LIMITED TIME OFFER! Bio-Maclurin 4oz & 2oz– 50% OFF This herbal remedy has three BIG jobs. It helps the body deal with bacteria and viruses, as well as the toxins associated with them. It is also designed to permeate the cells where the toxins and viruses are hiding, which means no more stealth invaders. Click here for more information.
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