Heal & Seal the Gut Bundle
Heal & Seal the Gut Bundle

Heal & Seal the Gut Bundle

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The intent of The Heal & Seal the Gut Bundle is to empower those who are ready for actual progress to free themselves from the so-far-relentless struggles that impact their entire bodies by focusing on one of the most health-governing, yet most overlooked, aspects: the gut.

Dr. Ruairi Robertson B.SC, PH.D writes at Healthline.com: "Neurons are cells found in your brain and central nervous system that tell your body how to behave. There are approximately 100 billion neurons in the human brain (4). Interestingly, your gut contains 500 million neurons, which are connected to your brain through nerves in your nervous system (5)." Read the full article-- it's mind-blowing.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, but do you think the gut MIGHT be just a little bit important in chronic illness?
We think so.

This bundle is based on the free ebook Heal & Seal the Gut written by Dr. Sara Jernigan BS, DC, co-founder of Jernigan Nutraceuticals. More on that here.

The Heal and Seal the Gut ebook includes (among many other fabulous tidbits) a remedy dosage rotation schedule for the bottles in the bundle. The intent of switching remedies is similar to how one sets a workout schedule. One does not do the same exercises every day, but instead, switches it up. The intent is to get the body to work at a higher functioning level and to never allow the "evil" invaders to adapt to and get used to a certain line of attack.  

Bundle Includes:
  • Microbojen  (20 to 40 drops)
    • This soothes the acidic stomach, helps the body take care of unwanted bacteria and viruses. It helps restore the gut. (This remedy has 9 frequency-matched herbs)
  • Neuro-Antitox II Basic (20 to 40 drops)
    • This pulls toxins away from the nerves. It helps the body deal with the abundance of destructive toxins. 

  • Molybdenum (20 to 40 drops) 
    • This product helps the body eliminate the overload of Mold, Yeast, and Histamines.
  • Microbojen ACV (1/4 to 1/2 tsp) 
    • This product deals with the malarial personality of Lyme spirochetes. There is a certain type of cycle that happens with the growth and development of Lyme. This product gets the body to "see" this cycle and stops it. 

  • Macola Oil (10 to 20 drops)
    • This product demonstrates properties that help the body soothe and heal the lining of the stomach. You can take a squirt in the mouth of this oil or make a suppository of it. Download the ebook to learn how to make a suppository!
  • Allermac (20 to 40 drops)
    • This product helps the body get rid of toxins from die-off, metal toxins, ammonia toxins, Lyme toxins, and more. In addition, it helps the body deal with the mold and fungus that may be causing allergies.

    • Allermac ACV (1/4 to 1/2 tsp)
      • Same as Allermac, but from and different angle and with the added benefit of apple cider vinegar, which targets the gut more.


    Formula with Ethanol Base also contains: 20% Natural Grain Spirits contains 20% and distilled water. |
    Formula with Apple Cider Vinegar Base also contains: Apple Cider Vinegar-Based Formula Certified Organic Raw, Unfiltered, Unheated, Unpasteurized, and 5% acidity apple cider vinegar. | Please note that remedies with the apple cider vinegar base come with caps that do not have droppers. See our FAQ Page to learn why.

    2oz Bundle vs 4oz Bundle

    The 2-ounce Heal and Seal the Gut Bundle is designed to provide approximately 3 weeks of consistent use to build the body up to heal and seal the gut. The 4-ounce bundle will, of course, provide double that: 6 weeks. Choose according to the severity of your condition and to your body's individual tolerance levels. Chronic illness usually takes the body time and consistency to fully correct. Therefore the 4oz bundle is highly recommended for the standard adult. If you know your body is highly sensitive, where you can typically only tolerate a few drops of natural remedies, the 2oz bundle would be perfect for you.


    Through Bio-Resonance scanning (learn more here), we are able to identify the specific frequencies of a wide spectrum of infections, diseases, toxins, parasites, and many other common health irritants. Once identified, we are able to formulate our herbal extracts to match these frequencies in a way that will provide the body with the bio-information it needs to facilitate its own energetic antimicrobial, detoxification, & other control systems. As this kind of progress grows, the symptoms fall away. So essentially, it is not only a formula of herbs, but also of frequencies that work hand-in-hand with God’s design of the human body, instead of “doing for the body what the body should do for itself." Expertly formulated in small batches, each product is the result of years of clinical work striving to help real patients who had gotten minimal results with the big-name, heavily marketed, nutritional supplements. 


    *These comments have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or address disease. All of the products in the Jernigan Nutraceutical product line work to enhance and support the restoration of the structure and function of the body’s crystalline matrix. Always consult with your healthcare professional before beginning this or any other dietary supplement.

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    Melinda Schoenwald

    Haven't started using yet as am just finishing the last week of a med I want to stop before starting.