Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS is what wakes my brain up every day, and helps me function. The Lyme disease and EBV cause a lot of brain fog and this makes it a little more bearable. Every little bit helps in my journey. I am thankful for being introduced to Jernigan products; as well as to continue to use them without building up any kind of resistance; nor, reactions. At one time in my life I used to say I was allergic to Planet Earth. Now I'm making my way back to Human!

Lynne D. 

 Hi, Dr. Sara, 

Just want to take a moment here to thank you for your herbal remedies that my husband took to get over his bronchitis after 3 rounds of antibiotics didn't clear it up. All the yellow phlegm is gone now and his coughing is very minimal. He's still taking the large dropper bottles and will finish them. I'm sure he'll be fine now. Thank you so much for your wonderful help.

Appreciating you!

Much love, 


It's amazing that more people with Lyme disease haven't heard of Jernigan Nutraceuticals. I've been getting the neuro-antitox and borrelogen for about a year or more, and that stuff has literally saved my life. For years I had been taking artemisinin each day in small doses. And while this was helpful, and got my body up and working again after being undiagnosed with Lyme, babesia, and candida for 4+ years, it eventually stopped working and caused more problems long term. When I switched to borrelogen, I no longer had huge herx reactions, and many of my allergies started to subside. The only downside was that over time, the Lyme adapted to the borrelogen and it almost became ineffective. Any other remedy just gives me a huge herx. The neuro-antitox has been a huge help for me with the herxing. I still often come to a cross roads where nothing works, and I don't know how to get better, but without the help of Jnutra's supplements and Dr. Jernigan's research, I'd still be on artemisinin, allergic to everything, and barely able to go outside and see the sun. It's been a slow process, and I still have a long way to go (considering my body is starting to shut down on me again), but by God's grace I've come a long way. Hoping to eventually get my body working on all thrusters again so my family and friends can stop calling me an old man, with a my ailments lol.Thanks for all the support and research that has gone in to helping people like me out, who can't think, have no money, and would be on permanent disability otherwise lol.

Thanks again, and God bless!

Jared B.  


Hello! I have told some of my story before, but I would say how do I use your products? I use them daily. I have an injury through my intestines because of heavy metal ingestion/Arsenic Poisioning. Your product, Yeast Ease, allows me to balance my intestinal environment. I also take Bifidus, and Primal Defense. So they all work together. Along with that I had to balance and heal my whole system, with a type of Kiensiology, and muscle testing. So, I can not eat very much sugar. If I could afford more of these products I could eat more like main stream diet. But, I go sugar free/ alternate sweeteners as a rule. Stevia, Erythratol, Xylitol. I don't think I would be well without the Yeast Ease (and just the probiotics). Very happy to have the product!

Kelcey S.
Thanks for the products. Have started using them and am finding some increased energy/brain clarity from just 1 drop 3X a day using the Neuro Anti tox and the Borrelogon tinctures. I am ultra sensitive.  I am grateful to have found your company while reading the New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment where Dr Jernigan treatments were featured in a chapter.  Just an initial appointment w an LLMD is $800.
Sharyn B.
First of all, your Lyme protocol saved my life 6 years ago! Chronic late stage Lyme with a current infection at the time... one year later on the protocol I was in remission and have been since! Oh, and the hand written note and prayers you sent with my order while i was so very sick... I’ll never forget! Thank you! 

I love your Neuro antitox 2 CNS/ PNS and keep it on hand at all times (among your other products I have). If I feel Lymie, it helps! So, with all this being said, I logged on today to reorder and realized you have lots of new products! I have a son (9yo) who is detoxing at the moment from  our ND’s protocol. I was going to use my normal antitox (and I’m out), but I am VERY Intrigued by the Xera-tox! Could I use this in place of my normal antitox and get the same or better overall result? Because I am eye-balling the tick bite bundle since ticks this year are already the worst they have ever been and I just removed one from myself a week ago and I am living in fear! 

Thank you so much! 
Carrie L.
Jernigan Neuro Antitox- turned me from chronic fatigue to running a non-profit and working 17 hour days, THANK YOU!
Catherine R.
Kingman, Arizona
Hi, Dr. Sara.

I wanted to give you an update on me and the compass flower, silphitrin extract, that I purchased from you. I ordered the 2 ounce bottle about a month ago and it is just about empty.

Also, I have added the Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide bath to my daily routine; take one for an hour before anyone awakes. thanks for sharing that.

Here's the last month for me:

1. I was pleasantly surprised that the Silphitrin had a very mild taste. Usually any extract that I have previously taken, tastes awful!
2. On the first glass, I noticed a very subtle, peaceful feeling. I took note of that and thought that was the effect it was going to have for me
3. There were a few days in the morning I felt very relaxed, almost a sedated feeling. It was nice but different. I realized maybe I was usually more anxious.
4. I received the newsletter from the Hansa Center listing their protocol for pro-Lyme patients. Since I can't afford the travel and treatment amounts at this time, I prayed that I might be able to perform some of these treatments on myself.
In the warm bath water, I have always found my chronically sore low back to be less painful and therefore easier to manipulate.( I made up a name for it, Hydrotherapy, just to give myself a laugh!) To sum up, I have been doing more intense stretching.
5. I just so happen to borrow a book from the library on tapping acupressure points while focusing on a feeling or issue that is bothering you, something you want to change. This technique has the ability to call on and dissolve the blockage of energy which is associated with the same. I have been doing that in the tub, too.
6. Most remarkable. I realize today, the fuzzy feeling I used to have in my brain(like it was interfering with my thinking) has not happened this whole time I have been using the Silphitrin. It used to happen to me every couple of days at least once a week.

I tried to keep this short. I think they are the important things.

Christina K.
Philadelphia, PA
Love your combos!! Makes treating infection a dream!! Please tell Dr. Sara that the Pomifitrin has helped to bring up infections that lay trapped in matrix up to the surface just as she said it was intended. Really wonderful product.
Dr. Joann M.
Seekonk, MA