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Medical Professional with Lyme Disease

I pulled a tick off my waist the beginning of June, 2023. I had no typical Lyme disease skin reaction at that site, (Erythema Migrans). However, I was bit by a horsefly on my left shoulder 2 weeks later and developed cellulitis. After 2 different antibiotics that did not help the shoulder cellulitis I was tested for Lyme and sure enough, it was positive. I was put on three weeks of doxycycline. Today is my last day on the doxycycline. I began the Lyme Bundle Starter Kit with the Cardio also, 10 days ago as historically I’ve had previous/present joint issues and some previous/present cardiac issues. I just cannot take the chance of not nailing the coinfection’s that could come from Lyme. So basically, I am supplementing and preparing to stomp out the co infection “ nasties” should doxycycline not get them all. I began these products 10 days ago in addition to the doxycycline. My daughter, who is not an alarmist begged me to do this. I wanted to be dismissive and say the doxycycline would tackle and eradicate everything, but I could not live with regret if it did not order these products. Lyme is absolutely no joke. We all know “someone of someone” debilitated by Lyme and it’s heartbreaking. Brain fog, crippling joint pain, cardiac, neurological destruction…. Please just push the order button and do everything you can to squeeze the life out of Lyme. Fight back. And look Up. God’s Favor be upon you. Bonnie


My 4 year old got bit by a dog tick and I immediately reached out to the team and they got back to me immediately, had the tick bundle sent out right away and they answered all of my questions in a very timely manner. I felt alot more confident having these remedies right away. I had the tick tested and it came back negative thankfully. I still used this bundle as a protective measure regardless and it gave me peace of mind. My child is doing well and I am happy to have this bundle on hand if there is ever another tick bite.

Mary E Timberlake
Helps with lymes flare ups

Love this product when I had found out I had lymes I was told to use this product and when I feel it flares up I like to use it for awhile

Neuro-Antitox II Basic
Linda Hegstrand

Neuro-Antitox II Basic

Parasite poop is cancer poop


I left a longer review in the large Lyme bundle … just wanted to highlight here that in our community, adults and children are getting rid of worms using paragen! Yay!

Charlotte Gilchrist
Really helps with allergies

This has made a big difference for me and my husband with spring/summer pollen allergy symptoms.

Heal & Seal the Gut E-Book
Alina-Andreaa Jura

Heal & Seal the Gut E-Book

Blue Sage
Alice Quiroz

Blue Sage uplifts my day and mood

Emma Denson
Great product!

Very helpful!


Contacted the company for best advice/instructions for my 12-year old. Emails were quickly answered and we have had no negative issues regarding Lyme illness. Thank you JNutra!!

Made this RN a believer :)

Hello :) I am a RN, BSN that was misdiagnosed with RA, thanks to sneaky Lyme. After being prescribed the same antibiotics for Lyme, as an RA specialist recommended, I am fully convinced that most, if not all, "auto-immune" issues are not the body fighting itself but pleomorphic bacterial/viral infections/toxins that go undetected by "modern" labs. There are studies showing Epstein-Barr as a probable cause of Hashimotos, for example. I opted out of antibiotics and wanted to try other options, including things like EBOO. I am sooo happy to have "happened upon" (don't believe in coincidences) this line of products! Within a week, I noticed brain clarity and increased energy. At the 3-week mark, I started passing a disturbing amount of worms (gag). My friend got so excited about the exiting of these worms, that she ordered some paragen and molybdenum for her family and within 2 days her kiddos started passing visible parasites/worms. I still have a couple weeks to go on the intensive lyme bundle and I am committed to doing daily things for detox, including dancing (joint and limb pain are my biggest complaints but life is never worth forfeiting), detox baths, feet soaks, dry brushing, drinking a ton of mineral infused water and on and on. I really appreciate the perspective of the body being created and designed to fight and win but that sometimes we need to support what it already knows how to do. Am I 100%... yet? No, not yet but I've been fighting for a while (8+ years) and I am getting better and better everyday! I want to encourage everyone here to strengthen their inner being and resolve to heal. Take courage and be of good cheer! You can and you will conquer! I have witnessed amazing miracles in my life - the blind receiving their sight and marriages healed but the journey of becoming an overcomer while fighting illness has felt like maybe one of the most celebrated victories of my life. As the saying goes, what's wrong is always available but so is what's right and good and lovely! Keep your eyes on these things, dear friends! These products have been added to the "things I'm grateful for," on the health journey page, in this chapter of my life.

Janet Starr
Good product

I feel that when I take Virogen at the start of a cold, it doesn't really turn into a full blown cold. It also makes an illness go away quicker. I like to keep a bottle in the house. Doctors say that there is nothing to be done for a virus, but I find that Virogen works.

Macola Oil
Sonja Hodges
Helped when everything else failed!

I have had a rash for the last year that was very persistent. I had tried everything to calm the itching, burning sensation that went along with it. Prescription creams and over the counter ointments didn't do anything for it. I bought Macola Oil, while placing another order with Jernigan Nutraceuticals. After one application, I felt instantly better! After a week, the rash started going away and hasn't returned. I still use the oil to keep the area moisturized and to prevent the rash's return. I also use it for bites, scraps and the occasional breakout. I love it and won't be without it!

Heal & Seal the Gut E-Book
Oana Mihaela Niculae

It's book a book filled with precious information that you can't find just scouring online. Very precious and useful, it arms you with extremely useful and important tools/information.

Shannon Rasmussen
Helped My Broken Rib Pain

Thanks Dr Sara! This worked topically for pain and the inflammation for my broken rib. I could feel the difference immediately. Instant Pain Relief! Then I took it internally. It’s an amazing product that I will keep in the medicine cabinet and with my remedies and supplements. Thanks for another great product!

It works so well

I've been using this for many years through my naturopath, and it's so helpful to be able to order it online.


This is life changing!

Lynne Baginski

Usually kicks the symptoms right away before it gets worse. It is my #1 go to at first sign of flu discomfort.

Joanne Cortese


Richard McCormick
Great supplement

I'll be buying this again. I swear my sleep issues are improving. SO that's a plus!

Chris B. of North Carolina
Stool looks cool again

No more mustard colored goose-poo or mouse. Nystatin didn't do it. Fluconazole didn't do it. But Yeast-Ease returned my stool to normal form and color.

PLS Marcotte

Virogen is super helpful when my family is exposed to illness or when not feeling well themselves. They either don't get sick, or if sick, it helps with symptoms and the duration of illness.


I love all the Antitox products.

Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS
Dr. Steven Harris

Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS

William Morgan