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"Dr Sara was great. She gave me lots of new information, which is what you want when you're already a doctor." 
-Elizabeth Walker, DC
"I think Dr. Sara is great and all the people she has working for her. I have called many times and every time was a great experience. Being able to actually talk to Dr Sara about issues going on is a wonderful thing, I have never come across such a good thing! I will refer her to anyone I know needing some good information."
-Mandy H.
"Sara, I just wanted to tell you how encouraged I am since our phone call! Thank you so so much for your time & effort! 
Thank you!!!"
-Kari B.
"My first appointment with Dr Sara was fantastic. She is a great listener. She gave me practical tips and recommendations to treat my symptoms. She is very knowledgeable and smart and her information is evidence based which I appreciate. I am a science based person so I only want credible information and she delivered. Her staff was very helpful and courteous.We had an issue with the phone connection and her staff was amazing and patient. They solved the problem very quickly. I would highly recommend a consult with her.
-Beverley D.

"Hi there, time with Dr. Sara was great!
Thank you so much!"
-Danielle B., M.Ed.

The phone conversation was very beneficial. Dr. Sara gave us options on what to do next in our treatment of Lyme’s disease. I especially appreciated the referral to Dr. Frank and the many other suggestions that she had. I appreciate her practical approach to doing as much as you can on your own, especially what to do in the interim while waiting for a doctor appointment...
Appreciate what you do!"
-Jan M.
"I had a great call with Dr. Sara! 
She is a very sincere Doctor that listened and truly wanted to help me.
I implemented 75% off her recommendations and purchased the 3 products she suggested, once I get them then it will be 100% of her recommendations. 
I already had one and started on it immediately.
After researching the products she recommended I feel as if she knew exactly what my body was needing! It got me very excited! 
After being severely sick for almost a year she gave me a renewed hope. 
I cannot wait for my follow up in April!"