What Makes Us Different

Our Remedies

Frequency Matched

Through Bio-Resonance scanning (learn more here), we are able to identify the specific frequencies of a wide spectrum of infections, diseases, toxins, parasites, and many other common health irritants. Once identified, we are able to formulate our herbal extracts to match these frequencies in a way that will provide the body with the bio-information it needs to facilitate its own energetic antimicrobial, detoxification, & other control systems. As this kind of progress grows, the symptoms fall away. So essentially, it is not only a formula of herbs, but also of frequencies that work hand-in-hand with God’s design of the human body, instead of “doing for the body what the body should do for itself." Each product is the result of years of clinical work striving to help real patients who had gotten minimal results with the big-name, heavily marketed, nutritional supplements (123). 

Our Herbs

Harvested By Happy Human Hands

There's an art to everything, and to our dedicated team, selecting only the freshest, juiciest herbs and formulating the highest quality elixirs is a masterpiece in itself. While most companies sell remedies made from dried out herbs, each of our primary herbs is extracted from freshly harvested botanicals, and most of them cannot be purchased from any herbal supply house. The different "anchor herbs" in each of our remedies are hand picked by happy human hands from locally grown sources. These herbs are then taken through a 30-day extraction process using one of two bases: Ethanol, or Apple Cider Vinegar.

Our Team

Dedicated & Passionate

Jernigan Nutraceuticals is family owned and is spearheaded by a passionate and ambitious mom-and-daughter team that genuinely wants to see each customer not just improve, but thrive and feel powerful and full of life! The cohesive unit formed under that powerful leadership duo consists of Christ-minded individuals driven to bring that love into everything they do.

 Our Methods

Excellence is in the details

From manufacturing to packaging, we care about the big & little stuff alike, and that includes our environment. Empty ingredient containers, junk mail, unusable boxes, paper scraps-- We recycle anything we possibly can! We truly spare no detail. Every bottle & ingredient extraction is infused with powerful frequencies EVERY night to make their energetic potency as high as possible, and we strive to maintain those positive frequencies in our efforts in handling them throughout the day.