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Lymogen™ was designed to provide the body with the bio-information necessary to facilitate the body's integrity when dealing with the Bartonella bacteria as well as all of the various U.S. and European strains of Lyme Borrelia, and all the normal Lyme co-infections. Because of the complexity of this remedy, please do not limit all the different ways Lymogen™ can help your body heal itself. It is an awesome Chinese herbal formula. It's also shown to be very effective for tough colds and the flu, as well as respiratory infections.


Lycium root bark (di-gu-pi), Java brucea fruit (ya-dan-zi), purslane (above ground parts) (ma-chi-xian), Chinese peony (bai-shao), Chinese skullcap (huang-qin), White willow bark (Salix alba), Chinese yam rhizome (shan-yao), Chinese salvia root (dan-shen), picrorhiza rhizome (bu-huang-lian), hedyotis (entire plant) (bai-hua-she-she-cao), ginger rhizome (gan-jiang), Aloe vera resin (lu-hui)

  • Formula with Ethanol Base also contains: 20% Natural Grain Spirits contains 20% and distilled water. |
  • Formula with Apple Cider Vinegar Base also contains: Apple Cider Vinegar-Based Formula Certified Organic Raw, Unfiltered, Unheated, Unpasteurized, and 5% acidity apple cider vinegar. |  Please note that remedies with the apple cider vinegar base come with caps that do not have droppers. See our FAQ Page to learn why.
Through Bio-Resonance scanning (learn more here), we are able to identify the specific frequencies of a wide spectrum of infections, diseases, toxins, parasites, and many other common health irritants. Once identified, we are able to formulate our herbal extracts to match these frequencies in a way that will provide the body with the bio-information it needs to facilitate its own energetic antimicrobial, detoxification, & other control systems. As this kind of progress grows, the symptoms fall away. So essentially, it is not only a formula of herbs, but also of frequencies that work hand-in-hand with God’s design of the human body, instead of “doing for the body what the body should do for itself." Expertly formulated in small batches, each product is the result of years of clinical work striving to help real patients who had gotten minimal results with the big-name, heavily marketed, nutritional supplements. 

About The Ingredients
Salix alba (white willow bark):

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, salix alba is “the most potent longevity-extending pharmacological intervention ever described in scientific literature… A recent study with liver cells found that both aspirin and salicylic acid, by itself, increased the total concentration of mitochondria by two to three times” (1). Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory.

    Java brucea fruit (Brucea javanica) (Ya Dan Zi):

    "Brucea javanica in CHM is characterized as an antipyretic and detoxifying plant... Its fruits have potent antimalarial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects with low toxicity and have also been widely used in the treatment of lung, prostate, and gastrointestinal cancers. Increasing attention has been paid to the remarkable antitumor activity of B. javanica... It has been reported that the advantages of B. javanica include... enhancement of immunity" (3). 

    Lycium Chinese Root Bark (Chinese Wolfberry Root Bark) (Di Gu Pi):

    Has been shown to improve cellular immune function due to its contents of Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide (4). It also contains high levels of healthy antioxidants, which are known for their immune-boosting and inflammation-decreasing qualities (5).

    Purslane or Portulaca (Ma Chi Xian):

    Purslane is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds.

    Aloe Vera:

    Contains beneficial bioactive compounds, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants belong to the family of polyphenols, which, along with several other compounds in aloe vera, help inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that can cause infections in humans. Aloe has also demonstrated antiviral and antiseptic properties (6).

    Salvia Root (Dan Shen):

    This is a powerful herb with a lot of healing properties. Its benefits have been so impressive that it may even become the first traditional Chinese remedy to gain approval by the U.S. FDA. According to a study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, most traditional uses for danshen are for heart-related problems. It is also believed to help the body heal from liver disease (7). 

    White Peony Root (Bai Shao Yao):

    Soothes the liver, alleviates pain, regulates menses due to blood deficiency (9).

    Scutellaria Root or Baikal Skullcap Root (Huang Qin):

    Huang Qin has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to help the body heal diarrhea, insomnia, dysentery, high blood pressure, hemorrhaging, respiratory infections, and inflammation. Clinical data for this herb are accumulating and Huang-Qin alone has been reported to be useful for treating colds and bacterial pneumonia (8). 

    Coptis Chinensis Rhizome (Huang Lian):

    Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and has been used for gastrointestinal disorders, including diarrhea, gastroenteritis ("stomach flu"), and bacterial dysentery (11).

    Oldenlandia (Bai Hua Shi Shi Cao):

    Helps strengthen the liver, stomach and large intestines. It helps reduce abscess, toxic sores, ulcerations, and swellings. It helps counteract snakebites (internal and external application).

    Discorea Opposita Rhizome or Chinese Yao (Shan Yao):

    Traditionally used to target the stomach and spleen, but also thought to help the lungs and kidneys. It has demonstrated an ability to modulate oxidative stress, antioxidant activities, and lipid profiles (10). 

    Dried Ginger (Sheng Jiang):

    Sheng Jiang is used for motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, dyspepsia, flatulence, chemotherapy-induced nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, loss of appetite, post-surgical nausea and vomiting, migraine headache, and for discontinuing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drug therapy. It is also used orally for anorexia, upper respiratory tract infections, cough, bronchitis, and as a galactagogue (an agent that stimulates the production and flow of breast milk).



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    Testimonial for Lymogen By Lynne G.

    *These comments have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or address disease. All of the products in the Jernigan Nutraceutical product line work to enhance and support the restoration of the structure and function of the body’s crystalline matrix. Always consult with your healthcare professional before beginning this or any other dietary supplement.

    Customer Reviews

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    Joanne Cortese


    Giorgi Baino

    Upon adding Lymogen to my antibiotic regime I am finally having less symptoms. I am dealing with Anaplasmosis, Babesia, and Bartonella. I noticed improvement within a day or so. I have only been using for two weeks so far so good.

    Alice Quiroz
    Amazing results

    I suffer severe leg cramping, nothing helped until I started the neuroantitox about 3 times a day, multiple alternative practitioners had no solutions, thank you

    Dr. Jaqlyn Tinaro


    Dr. James Lin
    Great product

    It is very effective against illness