Yeast is a common problem in children in America due to the increased use of antibiotics, and white sugar consumption. Please note all these symptoms that can be related to Yeast Infection:

Acne Achy Muscles Allergies Shortness of Breath Depression Fatigue, Tiredness
Short Attention Span Toe or Finger nail Fungus Hand Pain Headaches Hypoglycemia Lowered Immune system
Digestive Pains Irritability Joint Pain and Swelling Vaginal Discharge/ Odor Memory Loss Menstrual Pain
Gas Itchy/ Painful Rashes Respiratory Infections Low Self Esteem Skin Lesions Urination Pain

Yeast Ease in the alcohol extraction will help the body get rid of the yeast out of the blood stream.

Yeast Ease Plus™ in extracted with apple cider vinegar will help the body get the yeast out of the intestines as well as balance the Ph of the body and make it more alkaline, (less acidic).


Paragen ACV ™ helps clean the gut i.e. your intestines with an anti-fungal remedy and anti-parasitic herbs infused and extracted with apple cider vinegar. Parasites are in everyone, but they tend to release toxins in the body which cause more yeast infection as well as toxins. It quickly becomes a vicious cycle. For the past 15 years, we always treat parasites when we are treating yeast infections.


We have also learned that we cannot give products that will help the body kill yeast and parasites, and not help the body get rid of the fungus die-offs, dead parasites, and the toxic overload in the body. Molybdenum  grabs onto the dead “stuff” and helps your body get rid of it.


Yeast Infection bundle- $84

4oz- Yeast Ease

2oz- Yeast Ease Plus (ACV formula)

2oz- Paragen

90 count- Molybdenum

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