Price Increase Announcement


Hello, beautiful people.


As you may or may not know, 2022 marks 25 years of business for Jernigan Nutraceuticals!

As you most likely have seen, we have grown a tremendous amount over this period of time. A letter with black-and-white words can never communicate how deeply grateful we are to you for being a part of this journey. You have honored us with your patronage, and I want to honor you with transparency and with a significant improvement to the level of service you have been receiving. We want to truly transform lives, not just say we are.

To live up to this, I wanted to make sure you are aware of the effort we put into helping those who are struggling on a continual basis, and what is coming down the pipeline, which our whole team is incredibly excited about. A few of the upcoming improvements are as follows:


Harvest, Wash, Extract, Filter, Formulate, Bottle, and Ship by Hand and In-House:
There's an art to everything, and to our dedicated team, selecting only the freshest, juiciest herbs and formulating the highest quality elixirs is a masterpiece in itself. While most companies sell remedies made from dried-out herbs, each of our primary herbs is extracted from freshly harvested botanicals, and most of them cannot be purchased from any herbal supply house. The different "anchor herbs" in our remedies are hand-selected by happy human hands from locally grown sources. These herbs are then taken through a 30-day extraction process using one of two bases: Ethanol, or Apple Cider Vinegar.

Hire and Retain The Best Team Members: 

We strive to hire team members who are sharp, have tremendous work ethic, and warm hearts. We strive to replace the traditional model of supplement companies (i.e. lack of enthusiasm, lack of understanding of and empathy for chronic illness, “minimum effort possible” attitude), with exquisitely supportive customer service, top-notch commitment to manufacturing excellence, and motivation to do their part to help you get your life back. Our team is also committed to providing same-day shipping whenever humanly possible.

Offer The Ability to Consult an Actual Lyme-Literate Doctor:

We offer one-on-one access to Dr. Sara Jernigan’s expertise to provide assistance in figuring out your next steps on your healing journey via phone consultations. With a genuine and approachable presence, her brilliance and kindheartedness empowers people all over the world to take control of their own healing and to take their lives back. We understand that each case is different and will therefore need individualized solutions, whether they come directly from Jernigan Nutraceuticals or from other trusted resources, so we are pleased to make this available to as many people as possible. In addition, we  provide a tool for finding doctors in your area that carry our product line so you can get in-person assistance with the products you know and love.

Provide Tons of Free Educational Information

We strive to share affordable, evidence-based resources that make it easy to learn how to not just take the best remedies, but also focus on the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, environmental, and lifestyle aspects of healing. Going to the best doctor would be pointless if you were continuously fed poison as soon as you left his office, right? Right. It's important to identify and address every factor that could be inflicting harm to your body, mind, and spirit and keeping you stuck. 

Offer Financial Assistance

We understand finances can get really tight really fast when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, so we love helping wherever we can. We offer a Military Discount Program, an Affiliate Program, a Reward Points Program, a Referral Rewards Program, discounts on Bundle offers, and newly, even the ability to get a 100% refund if your purchase does not perform at all for you.

Provide Innovative and High-Performance Formulas

Expertly formulated in small batches, each Jernigan Nutraceuticals product is the result of years of clinical work striving to help real patients who had gotten minimal results with the big-name, heavily marketed, nutritional supplements and antibiotics. Our product line was formulated and utilized by actual doctors who regularly saw and found success with actual patients with Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses, not simply by entrepreneurs with an idea to make money. Over twenty-four years later, these handcrafted remedies are trusted by Lyme-literate doctors all over the world. However, the value of these formulas are multiplied because they don’t stop at just helping the body with Lyme disease, but also help with allergies, general detox, common colds, the flu, lichen sclerosis, herpes, C19, parasitic infections, and other chronic illnesses. No matter what is happening in your household, you’ve got a powerful ally in your corner.


Offering a Subscription Service

We are super excited to roll out the ability to get your favorite products automatically shipped to you on whatever schedule accommodates your unique needs the best. Beyond adding so much more convenience to your ordering experience, you will also receive a discount on these items! 

Facility Improvements

We’re a lot like the Millenium Falcon: We ain’t pretty, but we’ll get you there… fast. As we grow, we find ourselves needing a lot more space to deliver the exceptional service you deserve. Our goal is to dramatically upgrade our current facility or move to a new one to provide more space for storage, more team members, and increased production. 

Significant Improvement to the Level of Service

As demand has increased, our rag-tag team has been struggling to stay above water. You may have noticed with products going out of stock lately and finding that we are harder to get a hold of lately. 

We know how important it is to be able get support quickly and without hassle, as well as to get what you need when you need it, so we will be adding more members to our team to deliver the top-notch customer support that we promise to you. 

New Healing Protocols

This is the one we are most excited about; it’s also the one we are most nervous about announcing. We are creating Healing at Home Protocols that take nearly all of the legwork out of finding what you need to heal at home. These protocols will provide everything you need to EASILY do 3 months of many all-natural and effective home therapies without having to research ten different websites per ingredient, trudge to the grocery store, deal with questionable websites, mess with packages getting lost in the mail, and so on and so forth. It will be healing at home: done for you! These protocols are being introduced  with the full intention  of empowering you to heal like never before. It will increase your chances of total recovery exponentially, especially when done as prep-work before doctor’s appointments as well as  maintenance after you leave their office, giving you the best bang for your buck with your clinic expenses too!

Now, all of these continued investments and upgrades in the level of services and products we provide you will require significant funds to become a reality.

And to continue to stay aligned with our mission to provide a remarkable experience along with the world’s greatest natural remedies to our clients, we will be implementing a change in pricing to bring the final result to $67 per 4oz bottle, and $37 per 2oz bottle effective July 22nd, 2022.

That being said, like you, we are working daily to grow and improve. We have recently invested in business coaches and top consultants to review our business, to know our numbers, and to improve the product we are crafting and delivering to you.

Now that they have forced us to look at the numbers, calculator in hand, it is simply impossible for us to grow and provide the quality of service and products you deserve without this change.

For those of you concerned about the $19 increase per one month supply, we want to remind you of all of our financial assistance programs listed above.

I’ll be announcing this in video format on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well.

Now, let’s be super real. Human beings HATE change. But we also understand on some level that change is part of growth. What I do NOT want under any circumstances is for a gossip-mill to be started. So, my team and I will be happy to address any questions you have related to the change either over the phone or by email, not on a Facebook thread (God help us all).

We want to talk directly to you so there will be 0% chance of miscommunication. That said, we will not be allowing any social media group posts related to the “business side” of the gym. The Jernigan Nutraceuticals pages will stay focused on what it is intended to be– a place for the community to connect, learn, and be encouraged along this path to healing.

We hope we have your support in allowing us to continue to serve you in the best way we know how - with excellence.

With much love and gratitude, 

Dr. Sara Jernigan

Alexis Jernigan

Owners, Jernigan Nutraceuticals


We love you all, seriously.