Entrepreneur De-Stress and Empowerment Package


This product contains Fu Ling, which has been shown to help anxiety and nervousness. Pomifitrin also contains ginger root, which helps anxiety and depression. Ginger also increases the level of two of the most important brain chemicals — serotonin and dopamine. Pomifitrin has several ingredients that fight fatigue as well!


Stress, lack of sleep, eating fast food because you don't have time or mental energy to cook, working long hours-- is it hard to believe an entrepreneur's immune system can easily get compromised? Bio-Maclurin is designed to be like a Natural Antibiotic that helps the body fortify its immune system to go after viruses, bacteria, and parasites and at the same time remove toxins out of the cells. 


Dr. Sara Jernigan, BS, DC designed this formula to help the body heal from viruses, bacteria, and molds, but it is also designed to help with energy, increase cognitive functions, increase libido, stabilize blood pressure, and balance blood sugar levels. One of her favorite parts about Cytogen though is that it helps the body get rid of biofilms!

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea

This is just for fun. Sweet & Spicy tea by Good Earth has been our favorite tea around the office lately because it's one of the least expensive options on the shelves and from what we can tell, doesn't have any added sugar or fillers, AND even as ones who don't drink tea for pleasure, it actually tastes really good! This is a great alternative to pop or Starbucks when you just need something sweet and tasty to sip on while you work.

Gallup Strengths Test Gift Card

This strength test provides extremely valuable insight for entrepreneurs. Knowing the results from this test can help them understand why they struggle so much in a certain area, or why certain people frustrate them so much, or why they frustrate other people so much. They can also see if they are operating in their top strengths, or if they are "jamming a square peg into a round hole" by trying to take action in something that they simply aren't wired for, therefore possibly relieving negative self-talk and unrealistic standards for themselves. Inner thoughts like, "that person is so good at xyz. What's wrong with me???" or "I want to be better at xyz, but I keep messing it up. Why is this so hard???" can be put to rest with this test. Understanding why you do what you, why you think the way you do, why you feel the way you do, etc gives any entrepreneur such an advantage in becoming the best version of themselves that they can be.

HeadSpace Subscription Gift Card (1 Month)

Support your entrepreneurial friend's mental health. Headspace Includes:

  • Hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety
  • Bite-sized guided meditations for busy schedules
  • SOS exercises in case of sudden meltdowns


One or two more items may be joining the party, so check back in soon and stay tuned for pricing!

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