Anxiety is a common "co-infection," if you will, that is not spoken about enough in chronic illness. It can be a complex issue that requires a well-rounded approach.

5 Top Biological Causes of Anxiety
(And what to do about it)

A toxic burden on the brain

  • Toxins can affect our neurotransmitters and other mood-regulating mechanisms. Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS is a really great place to start! We would give it at least 30 days to fully work its magic.

  • Oil Pulling is another easy and economical home therapy that can help draw toxins out of the brain. You can find information and instructions for that on our Detox page!

Shallow or mouth breathing

  • Breathing regulates more in our mind and body than you would think! In fact, Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Diet even goes so far as to say, "breathing just might be the biggest and best magic bullet we have today."

  • Read about the technique he uses to decrease anxiety and more HERE.

  • Watch a quick video on one of our favorite breathing techniques HERE.

Gut issues

  • Shockingly, the gut produces about 90% of the body's serotonin, which is a chemical messenger that is mood stabilizer! That's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gut's role in mental wellbeing though. If you think your gut could use some TLC, our top recommendation would be our Heal and Seal the Gut Bundle.

  • If that doesn't quite fit the budget, I would start with Microbojen in the apple cider vinegar base.

Brain chemicals need extra support

  • As for what we offer that may specifically offer benefit toward relieving anxiety is Pomifitrin. Pomifitrin contains Fu Ling, which has been shown to help anxiety and nervousness. It also contains ginger root, which helps with anxiety and depression. Ginger also increases the level of two of the most important brain chemicals — serotonin and dopamine.

Anxiety-causing foods disguising as health foods

  • Yet another thing to consider is your diet. We know, that may sound like an overused "fad," but we strongly recommend looking into the Bulletproof Diet by "The Father of Biohacking," Dave Asprey. The reason we recommend his information is that not only is he pretty Lyme-savvy, but his work is also well-researched and he focuses on highlighting which foods contain sneaky antinutrients, mold contamination, and toxins. For example, he reveals how walnuts, while hypothetically a health food, have a higher risk of mold contamination than any other nut except Brazil nuts and pistachios. Over time, that alone could have significant effects on one's mental health (and obviously, physical health). Considering little nuggets like that can have profound benefits!

Lyme Disease

  • That's right-- Lyme disease doesn't only effect your body and clarity of mind, but it can also cause anxiety... because, you know, you needed one more thing to worry about, right? Find our top recommendations for Lyme disease and it's other common co-infections HERE.


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    We hope this helps give you some good insight into a few important things that can be done to help your body and mind overcome anxiety! Our remedies are an amazingly beneficial piece of the puzzle, but completing the puzzle always requires an all-encompassing approach.