What Are Allergies?


Allergies are the condition caused by our body's abnormal reaction to a foreign object, what we know as "allergens", such as dust, pollen, mold, fungus, medications, and certain foods, just to name a few. When your body is already "full" of these toxins (built up from lifetime exposure or un-addressed ailments) it has a lower tolerance for extra exposure. So, when we are exposed to these antigens (allergens) in our environment our body responds to it by releasing a compound known as "histamine" (a compound that is released by cells in response to injury and in allergic and inflammatory reactions, causing contraction of smooth muscle and dilation of capillaries). This "allergic reaction" is often unpleasant, as most everyone knows, causing many to reach for over-the-counter allergy medications known as "anti-histamines." The MAIN problem we have with these medications is that they only address the symptoms of the allergic reaction, leaving the offending allergens to build up in the body, only to cause further problems in the future.


Why Don't I Feel Better?

Short of living in a vacuum sealed, oxygen fed bubble, there is little we can do to limit our exposure to environmental allergens. Training our bodies to not react to the exposure is, to our knowledge, beyond our capabilities. So what do we do? What CAN we do? Are we doomed to a lifetime of juggling the sniffles and costly over-the-counter medications? Here at Jernigan Nutraceuticals, we say NO! We say the answer to true relief lies in addressing the cause, not just the symptoms, and that starts with targeting the build-up of these toxins in our bodies. The intent of the JN remedies is to lower the buildup of toxins, molds, and fungus in the body, therefore the body can handle the foreign invaders better without stopping the natural reactions to an allergen.


What Can We Do About The Build-up?


As with many of life’s problems, allergies have no quick fix.  Running noses, clogged sinuses, sneezing, and other symptoms of allergies, are often the manifestation of issues going on in other areas of the body. Restoring the body to handling allergens optimally requires a well-rounded approach that includes detox practices, eating natural foods, full spectrum vitamin supplementation, and of course, a positive mindset. Dr. Sara Jernigan has created an ebook called “Heal and Seal the Gut,” which has lots of information about implementing these practices. Click here to download the free PDF version, or click here to view the blog.


Our Most Powerful Remedies Against Allergies

allermac, xera-tox, paragen, molybdenum

Allermac Ingredients

Allermac™ is a natural antihistamine that also helps the body get rid of the fungus, mold, and toxins that are causing the symptoms of allergies.

Maclura Pomifera has been widely researched demonstrating it’s ability to anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, anti-parasitic, anti-tumoral, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Desmanthus illinoensis seed, is an edible seed high in protein but for us, it carries a frequency that helps the body get rid of yeast, mold and fungus when combined with Maclura Pomifera.

This plant was chosen not only for the frequency but that it helped the body expel excess phlegm. It has also been documented to help the brain fog that occurs with Lyme Disease. Helps protect neurons from ischemic damage and reduces the OVA-specific IgE antibody titer in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluids. It also is shown to possess an antidepressant activity that was close to that of Prozac in Ethanol extract as well as growth of Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus niger, and Candida albicans.
It also eliminates dampness and resolves cold phlegm. It is good or treating profuse phlegm accumulation, coughs, and the adverse upward flow of Qi and vertigo due to malfunction of the spleen and Dampness (Wang, 1994) Ban Xia also relieves stuffiness and distension in the chest, and resolves masses: for treating globus hystericus, manifested clinically as a feeling of a foreign body remaining in the throat that seems neither able to be swallowed or spat out (Wang, 1994)” Sources: The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes by Joseph P. Hou, Youyu Jin

I chose this plant’s frequency to help the body deal with the excess mucus in the chest, sinus and abdominal area. A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps the body handle E. coli in the gastrointestinal tract and handle chronic reactions on the skin. “For accumulation of Phlegm and Damp in the Middle Jiao (Spleen and Stomach) with symptoms such as fatigue, low appetite, loose stool, diarrhea, abdominal fullness, chest oppression, and a greasy thick tongue coating. For accumulation of phlegm and Qi in the Lungs due to a weakness of the Spleen’s transforming function with symptoms such as cough with profuse phlegm, wheezing, dyspnea, and stifling sensation in the chest.”
-THC Acupuncture Clinic

I chose this plant frequency because it helps the body deal with inflammation. Once the body is no longer inflamed then the body can handle extra toxin without going into a histamine response. Contains high levels of isoflavones, which exhibit antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Increasing evidence has highlighted the potential for isoflavones to prevent the chronic diseases in which inflammation plays a key role. It’s also a source of many valuable nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Red clover has been shown to improve the flow of blood through arteries and veins.

Xera-Tox Ingredients


I developed Xera-Tox to be the next step up from the “Famous” Neuro-Antitox II Formulas. I kept the number one active ingredient which was the silphium, and took out the blue sage and added 5 more ingredients. This formula is energetically strong but also is designed to get into the cells better. 


Silphium has been shown through clinical research to be possibly the greatest anti-neurotoxin substance found to date. Silphium is thought to break down and/or bind microbial neurotoxins. Silphium may also bind heavy metals, and breakdown isopropyl alcohol, and benzene accumulations. It deals with the accumulation of ammonia as well. Silphium is recommended to limit herxheimer reactions during any type of antibiotic, antimicrobial treatments.


Research has shown that the combination of the antibiotic drugs doxy, cefoperazone and daptomycin were not effective against the different morphological forms of Borrelia Burgdorferi. BUT, in this study,  Stevia A, as an individual agent, was capable of eliminating the spirochetes and the persisters of Borrelia similar to the reported three-drug combination treatment.

Stevia also helps nutrients get into the cell and lets the waste come out of the cell as well.


Boosts the Immune System, reduces inflammation, increases bile production in the gallbladder, works on unhealthy levels of cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels. It’s amazing for people with cancer with tons of anti-oxidants. Dandelion cleans the liver and the kidney. It is a great digestive aid and it is packed with minerals and vitamin C and B.


  • Depurative (purifies the blood)
  • Skin Conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, boils, abscesses)
  • Treats a sore throat, cold, flu, and fever.
  • Diuretic (increases urination)
  • Hair and scalp conditioning (hair growth)
  • Digestive Health (prebiotic)
  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Packed with Vitamin c


  • Helps the body get rid of ammonia
  • Digestive Efficiency
  • Diabetes Control– Adding yucca to your diet, as mentioned above, can help regulate insulin and glucose levels,
  • Immune Health: Yucca has a high level of vitamin C
  • Eases Arthritic Pain
  • Improves Cognition



  • Transports nutrients right into the cells.
  • Makes  cell membranes more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allow waste to leave the cell
  • Increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity.
  • Is the most powerful natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant is known to science at this time.
  • Has the ability to remove toxic heavy metals and other pollutants from the system


Paragen ACV

Parasites are in everyone, and they tend to release toxins into the body.  Most people overlook this possibility when they are battling allergies. Parasites are a normal occurrence in people, but these critters get out of control. Parasites increase the number of toxins present in the body. This remedy will help clean the gut i.e. your intestines with the extra benefit of apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar alone is very beneficial to the ‘gut’ but this Apple Cider Vinegar has the fruit of the anti-parasitic Maclura Pomifera in it as well



This is such a simple but powerful trace mineral.

Molybdenum is a trace mineral that can dramatically aid in the detoxification of the toxins caused by the dysfunction of multiple tissues in chronic illness. Molybdenum is very useful for detoxifying the toxin aldehyde from the die-off of Candida-type yeast.

Aldehydes are also considered neurotoxins, or nerve poisons. Aldehydes are the toxins responsible for the hangover experienced by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. I know of many Lymies who complain of this hung-over feeling without having consumed any alcohol. (However, it is our experience that it will not completely detoxify the specific Bb toxin.) Taking molybdenum will help slow the degeneration of tissues and related symptoms from the toxic overload.



Allergy Bundle


Get 20% OFF of these power-packed remedies with our Allergy Bundle! The intent of this bundle is to restore the body to provide holistic allergy relief. The products included not only act as a natural antihistamine, but also help the body get rid of toxic accumulation, excess mucus, and the mold, fungi, and other microorganisms that exacerbate and contribute to these issues, consequently overwhelming the body's defense mechanisms and causing allergies.


 Hear what Nancy has to say about partnering with JN for allergies!


**These comments have not been approved by the FDA. This article is for educational purposes. Before implementing any supplements/remedies always consult with your healthcare professional. Due to the complexity of the human condition there remains the possibility of symptoms getting worse. Again, discuss the ideas presented here with your health care professional before beginning, and stop, or get support, if your condition worsens. This information is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or illness, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Jernigan Nutraceuticals does not treat named diseases, but seeks to restore the body’s optimum structural and functional integrity so that the body can rapidly heal itself.