Illnesses are most often caused by a combination of different factors. One may have a yeast infection, but perhaps the gut is full of parasites that CAUSED the yeast infection. Picture a leaky pipe. You’re going to want to sop up the puddle, AND fix the leak. Only addressing one or the other will not ultimately solve the problem.
In the same way, both the parasites (leaky pipe) AND the yeast (puddle) must be addressed for our example of a yeast infection, so one might use Yeast Ease AND Paragen. If you only attack the yeast, the yeast infection would come back because the culprit was not removed. If you only attack the parasites, there will still be an overabundance of yeast in the body.
This concept applies to almost all illnesses, which is why we encourage bundles so strongly. It’s time to stop running around in circles with the illnesses that ruin moments that are supposed to be merry and bright! A complete strategy brings complete healing.