has been shown through clinical research to be possibly the greatest anti-ballyballyballsneurotoxin substance found to date. Silphium is thought to breakdown and/or bind microbial neurotoxins. Silphium may also bind heavy metals, and breakdown isopropyl alcohol, and benzene accumulations It deals with the accumulation of ammonia, also . Silphium is recommended to limit herxheimer reactions during any type of antibiotic, antimicrobial treatments


Research shown that the combination of these antibiotic drugs, doxy, cefoperazone and daptomycin were affective against the different morphological forms of Borrleia Burgdorferi. . In this study,  Stevia A, as an individual agent, was capable of eliminating the spirochetes and the persisters of Borrelia similar to the reported three-drug combination treatment.

Stevia also helps nutrients get into the cell and lets the waste come out of the cell as well.


Boost the Immune System Immune System ,Reduce Inflammation,Increase bile production in the gallbladder, Works on unhealthy levels of cholesterol, Reduces high blood pressure, Stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels, Amazing for people with cancer,Tons of Anti-oxidants,Cleans the Liver and the kidney,It is  a great digestive aid , It is packed with minerals and Vit c and B


Known Uses for Burdock Root

  • Depurative (purifies the blood)
  • Skin Conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, boils, abscesses)
  • Treats sore throat, cold, flu, and fever.
  • Diuretic (increases urination)
  • Hair and scalp conditioning (hair growth)
  • Digestive Health (prebiotic)
  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Also Packed with Vitamin c


Helps the body get rid of ammonia

Digestive Efficiency

Diabetes Control: Adding yucca to your diet, as mentioned above, can help regulate insulin and glucose levels,

Immune Health: Yucca has a high level of vitamin C, Eases Arthritic Pain:

 Improves Cognition:



Humic acid transports nutrients right into the cells.

Humic acid makes  cell membranes more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allowing waste leave the cell


Humic acid increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity. 


Humic acid is the most powerful natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant known to science at this time.


Humic acid has the ability to complex and remove toxic heavy metals and other pollutants from the system


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