I love to build systems to accomplish more in less time. I personally struggle to keep myself and my family living a healthy lifestyle, so I am constantly trying to find simple and effective ways to eat right, do detox therapies, and to keep up with taking remedies. I designed these protocols with the busybody in mind, that way, everyone is covered.


This protocol was designed to help us take back our health, to fight for it and care for it as if, once again,  “health” was a prized possession. The goal of this process is to create a system that encourages the body to heal itself, by creating an environment inside the body that undoes the harmful effects of our many cultural habits and “quick-fixes.”  


It has taken all of us doctors decades to understand what we know, so be kind to yourself and allow yourself just to start here. As you work through this protocol, and as your body heals, then you have my “permission” to add and take away from this protocol. These recommendations are intended to set a good foundation and will help establish healing habits. Plus, you will have more confidence in yourself to change YOUR SYSTEMS in your day-to-day routines to help your body continue to heal itself with permanent change.


Kind Regards

Dr. Sara Koch Jernigan, BS, DC


PS: Disclaimer: As a doctor and lover of science, I fully embrace the reality that we never stop learning about the innumerable ways through which the body, in its unfathomable complexity, can reach and maintain optimal levels of health.  Today, this is what I, as a doctor of 20 years, support. Tomorrow, we could learn something new, and everything changes as a result. That being said, I trust that you will fall in love with this protocol as I have.

Time To Take Back Your Health

New Strategy and a New Fight

This protocol can be done with a series of 2oz bottles to give the body either a kickstart or just to play clean up. Buy 4oz to stay on a longer regiment.  I designed this protocol as if you had to work from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Alter it to your lifestyle and create a system that works for you. Here is a guideline to get you started. 

You have the freedom to pick and choose the products you want or can afford, but the rest of the information is extremely vital to be successful.

When you teach, it is best for you to tell the audience what you will be telling them, tell them that information, then tell them what you just told them.  So, I give you the schedule first, to let you see that with a little bit of organization, and some prep work, you can be successful.