1. Jernigan Nutraceuticals provides frequency-matched botanical formulas specifically tailored to provide the body with the bio-information needed to facilitate the body’s own energetic antimicrobial, detoxification, etc control systems (Jernigan 164). Each product works to facilitate the restoration of the optimum integrity and function of individually specified aspects of the body. As this kind of progress grows, symptoms fall away. So essentially, it is not only a formula of herbs, but also of frequencies that work hand-in-hand with God’s design of the human body, instead of “doing for the body what the body should do for itself.” The primary herbs in these formulas cannot be purchased from any herbal supply house. JN grows, harvests, and bottles them all by hand each year. Developed by Bio-Resonannce Scanning (learn more here http://bit.ly/1kcMyqb), each product is the result of years of clinical work striving to help real patients who had gotten minimal results with the big-name, heavily marketed, nutritional supplements (123). The results that we have seen over the years using this method are nothing short of miraculous.
  2. While most companies sell remedies made from dried out herbs, each of our primary herbs are extracted from freshly harvested botanicals, and most of them cannot be purchased from any herbal supply house. To illustrate, which would you prefer? Juice made from an apple fresh off the tree? Or juice made from apple powder?
  3. All of our main ingredients are harvested, bottled and shipped by happy human hands!
  4. There’s an art to everything, and to our dedicated team, selecting only the freshest, juiciest herbs and formulating the highest quality elixirs is a masterpiece in itself.
  5. Jernigan Nutraceuticals is family owned and is spearheaded by a passionate and ambitious mom-and-daughter team that genuinely wants to see each customer not just improve, but thrive and feel powerful and full of life!