Virogen is the easiest remedy for kids to take. They like the taste of it.
At the first sign of a cold like symptom, have your child start taking it and you probably will think that there probably really was never anything wrong with him/her, because they feel just fine so quickly. This remedy has also been used for viruses as tough as herpes and hepatitis of the liver, but it is gentle enough for every child in my opinion. This was the main remedy I used for my children when they were really small. It is awesome for teething. Since everything goes in the mouth, it is easy for a child to get a virus when a tooth is breaking through the skin and exposing little.
Virogen ACV helps the body heal from viruses by getting the virogen into the Gut via the Apple Cider Vinegar
Lymogen™ was designed to help the body heal itself from the effects of the various U.S. and European strains of Lyme Borrelia, and all the normal Lyme co-infections. Because of the complexity of this remedy, Lymogen™ can help your body heal itself. It is an awesome Chinese herbal formula that Dr. Sara uses for tough colds and the flu, if Virogen™ is not kicking it. It truly is an impressive formula

Bio-Maclurin Designed to be a natural antibiotic. When you want to go to a western medical doctor, try this product first. You can always go and get that prescription filled later, if your body really needs that presciption drug.

The heart behind the product started with the question, “What do I take if I get bit by a tick?” If your body has a bacteria or a virus the body needs to kick up its immune system to deal with the invaders quickly, as well as get the dead critters out of the body.  Bio-Maclurin is designed to get your body to react properly to the invasion. The intent is to get your body into  warfare mode instead of victim mode. This product has 3 elements to it. It helps the body deal with the invaders. It helps the body deal with the toxins and thirdly, is designed to really get into the cells where the toxins and invaders are hiding, so no more stealth invaders.

Molybdenum is usually my go-to remedy when my child complains of a headache. I have always said that no one is having a headache because they are deficient in aspirin. When bacteria is destroyed in the body, it is turned into dead stuff we call “die off” that is allowed to run around in the body until we are able to flush it out. The Molybdenum binds to this “die off”, which is toxic, and the body actually gets rid of it through it’s natural waste mechanisms.

Multiple Viruses Bundle


– Virogen 4oz

– Lymogen 4oz

-Bio-Maclurin 4oz

-Virogen ACV 2oz

-Molybdenum (300mcg) 90 count

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