“I am a true believer in the Virogen product. I have had the herpes virus for over 20 years. I have been on a conscious journey of healing for the past decade. I was taking suppressive medication (Zovirax) for many years but intuitively it never felt right for me to “suppress” the virus. I wanted to bring it to the light to heal instead. Plus I was still having outbreaks even on the suppressive medication – so it wasn’t working. My body was rejecting it. So I embarked on a path of healing and it led me in many different directions. One stop on the journey was to a holistic doctor recommended by my therapist. I trusted her because she was holistic in her approach (mind / body connection). She ended up giving me many, many expensive tests and found I was basically healthy. But she couldn’t figure out why I was having so many outbreaks and she ended up putting me on many, many supplements. I followed her advice. And I ended up having more outbreaks than I ever had in my life. For over a year I had an outbreak every month. Sometimes two. Finally I went to an intuitive healer and she said I was very sensitive and I was using the bulldozer approach when all I needed was subtle changes. She encouraged me to trust my intuition. So I stopped taking many of the supplements that I felt weren’t necessary. And I started listening to my intuition. I needed more sleep, more water, more vegetables, less sugar, less alcohol and…Virogen tested very strongly for me. I am happy to report that I haven’t had an outbreak in over 6 months and I intuitively feel that the virus is no longer “active”.  The healer told me that the virus actually is a gift. When you have an outbreak – it’s your body telling you something is “off”.  I learned to tap into my intuition and truly trust it. What I like about Virogen is that I intuitively can feel it is “high vibration” and natural. It helps my body work with the virus instead of fighting against it!”