This bundle includes 4oz bottles of:

Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS
Yeast-Ease Plus
Neuro-Antitox II Musculo-Skeletal

$507.00 $399.00

These 10 Products are specifically designed to empower the body to handle the worst of the worst of many viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, prions, mycoplasmas, etc.

Jernigan Nutraceuticals remedies are meticulously fashioned to put different energetically frequency-matched herbs (not homeopathic) into the body to keep giving it the tools it needs to “wake up” and increase red and white blood cells, and phagocytes, etc to evoke the body to start dealing with all the issues that are not designed to be in the body.

The intent of switching remedies is similar to the concept of working out. You do not do the same exercises every day, but instead, you switch it up. Monday might be leg day, Tuesday is arm day, etc. The intent is to get the body to comprehensively work at a higher functioning level and not just strengthen one aspect of the body, as this will not achieve the desired amount of progress. If you wanted to be “fit,” you would not just exercise your arms, right? You would establish a balanced and well-rounded workout schedule for your week. In implementing this same concept with the remedies you take, you prevent the “evil invaders” to get used to and adapt to a certain line of attack. You address the issue from all angles. Jernigan Nutraceuticals has been around for over 20 years. These are the products that I, and many other doctors, have come to trust through years of clinical usage. I know what to expect and I understand how they work. I don’t even try to tell people why I think our products are “the best.” At the end of the day, it is not my job to tell you from afar what is best for YOU as an individual. Your body will let you know if these are the tools for you.

Allermac (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

Handles the overload of mold and yeast and histamines in the body, commonly contracted in the workplace, home, and other hazardous environmental areas that often expose us to harmful pathogens without our realizing.

Borrelogen (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

Helps the body see and deal with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and other nasty bacteria and viruses. This power-packed remedy has 15 impressively effective herbs in it.

Lymogen (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

An interestingly dynamic product that helps with different bacteria and viruses. It has another 11 herbs that deal with many viruses especially those that attack the chest. Many people with Bartonella choose this remedy.

Microbojen (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

Soothes the acidic stomach, helps the body take care of unwanted bacteria and virus. Helps restore the gut. (This remedy has 9 frequency-matched herbs).

Microbojen ACV (take a ¼ tsp in 2 cups (16oz) of water)

Helps heal and seal the gut by getting rid of unwanted bacteria and also by soothing the inflammation with the licorice and the apple cider vinegar.

Molybdenum (take 1 pill)

Deals with a different form of toxins. The aldehydes which are usually produced by the yeast and molds and alcohol.

Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

Pulls toxins away from the nerves. It helps the body deal with the abundance of destructive toxins, including ammonia.

Neuro-Antitox II Musculo-Skeletal (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

Helps pull toxins out of the muscles. This is a good remedy to rub on topically where it hurts.

Paragen (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

Deals with the malarial “personality” of Lyme spirochetes. There is a certain type of cycle that happens with the growth and development of Lyme. This product gets the body to “see” this cycle and stops it. Plus, according to the research, it is antiparasitic, antitumoral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and an anti-oxidant.

Pomifitrin (20 to 40 drops under the tongue)

People with chronic illness’ bodies are stressed and tired. Even though this product is an amazing stand-alone product, the intent of having this product in the protocol is to not deal with the toxins, or any yeast, mold or fungus or any bacteria or virus, even though it helps the body heal in all of these situations. This product helps get rid of the stress and fatigue the body has endured. One can logically break down the usage of this product, but in truth, it is being used and as an energy enhancer and an energy de-stressor, in this protocol.

Yeast-Ease Plus ACV Take 1/4 tsp in 2 cups (16oz) of water and drink throughout the afternoon.

This product goes into the “gut” area instead of the bloodstream to deal with the yeast, mold, fungus, and toxins in the gut.