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Ginny Chandoah is the experienced and profoundly knowledgeable author of Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the DiseaseThese charts were written to share the secret to how she and many others, against all the odds, managed to successfully overcome Lichen Sclerosis once and for all using Jernigan Nutraceuticals products, among a few other tools. Always consult your doctor before starting a new protocol and keep your body’s individual tolerance levels in mind when introducing a new regime.

Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease

Note: One 4oz bottle lasts about 4 weeks, so each “Quarter” (as outlined in the book) will take 3 bottles of each product. Therefore, one would need to buy 3 sets for each quarter.

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 One month for the 1st Quarter Months 1-3 (page 394)

One month for the 2nd Quarter Months 4-6 (page 395)

One month for the 3rd Quarter Months 7-9 (page 396)

One month for the 4th Quarter Months 10-12 (page 397)

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A Heart-to-Heart

Dear Dr. Sara,

“…I hope that [the book] has opened people’s eyes to the wonders of Jernigan Nutraceuticals, especially in how valuable they are to health every single day. I’ve used them successfully on our animals, my husband feels like he’s coming down with something and is currently taking the nutraceuticals, and I am too in order to ward off whatever it is that he has. One person emailed me the other day to tell me she’d completed the protocol and is doing very well. What struck me was that she didn’t want to stop taking the nutraceuticals because she believes she feels better with them. I told her that we always keep them on hand and use them for many purposes. So I hope the book has, for many people, opened the door to the benefits of your products.

With sincere thanks,

Ginny Chandoha


“It’s been the most amazing year.  Can’t believe how many changes I’ve undergone in such a short time, and I can look back and see that the decision I made after reading your book was not only the best decision I ever made, it was also the catalyst that led from one terrific thing to the next, like stepping stones leading me to where I am right now.  Your healing protocol started the whole thing, and I will always be profoundly grateful to you for going through all the hard work, research, time and energy in writing and publishing your book.  All of this showed me a completely different way to view myself and my body, and how the health problems I’d ended up with started a very long time ago, and had the eventual result of compromising my immune system to the point where it couldn’t handle the load of toxins – from food, from personal products, and especially, from a lifetime of repressed emotions.  I remember sitting here thinking how much work it was going to be to go on the protocol.  And it was, given the state I was in at the time, but I shake my head at myself now, a year later.  Clearing my house and my kitchen and my lifestyle of physical toxins was a lot of very necessary work.

I heard about your book, Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease on an LS group.  I was struck by the word “beating” — not “living with”. I was all for beating it.  So I grabbed hold of your book like the lifeline it was, and ordered it from Amazon. It arrived and sat there for two weeks before I finally had the physical energy to just pick it up and read it, and ended up reading the entire book in two evenings.

At that time I was 62 years old and hadn’t slept a full night’s sleep in years due to pressure in my head that caused frequent, severe headaches.  My immune system had been messed up since I was 7 years old at least, when it couldn’t cope with a bacteria infection that attacked my temporal bone over my left ear.  This pretty much swiss-cheesed the bone full of holes, and 50 years later, it finally collapsed altogether, and it took a specialized doctor to repair it.  I underwent a 6 hour brain surgery to repair the temporal bone — and with very good results.  In my 20’s I had a bad case of mono coupled with hepatitis. I first got fibromyalgia in my 30’s after a bout of recurring CMV (cytomegalovirus) lasting 3 months with fevers of 103-105 that came close to killing me.  Survived this, but the CMV caused severe nerve damage to the nerves running down to my hands.  After 6 months, I regained the use of my right hand, but the not the left hand, since the virus apparently ate up the myelin sheaths of those nerves.  It took 3 months for new nerves to grow so I could work my hand.  Full recovery after that.  The fibro appeared immediately following this, and I couldn’t stand any pressure on my arms, thighs, or my sides, which was problematic because I also had high blood pressure. I could barely walk and had to be helped going up stairs. I also had rosacea over my chest, neck and face, as well as eczema. And then the low blow diagnosis of Lichen Sclerosis a year ago. For me it was the last straw. I was despondent and physically and emotionally exhausted at the slightest effort.

I write to you again to let you know that I am celebrating! I have completed the protocol and my gynecologist has confirmed that LS is gone! Actually it started to abate within 3 months of starting the protocol. My doctor was astounded as my case was quite severe. Fibromyalgia is history and this summer my husband and I hiked mountains! I no longer have high blood pressure, I’ve been sleeping 8+ hours a night for many months, the pressure in my head is gone, and so are the headaches. The rosacea hasn’t disappeared entirely, but it has significantly lessened, and I still have occasional bouts of eczema, but I can live with that.

Today I am a new person, a person that hasn’t existed for nearly all of my adulthood. I haven’t been sick in a year, I’m full of energy, sleeping like a baby, have no pain, no headaches, and most importantly the LS is a thing of the past. And if I haven’t told you this before, it’s all because of your protocol that transformed my life.”


More Testimonies

“I’m confident that her protocol will help people with many diseases, including other autoimmune issues.” – Dr. Steven Coward, ND, Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy