Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled some of our most commonly asked questions, and Dr. Sara’s responses to them. If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to e-mail us at

How many drops of the alcohol remedies should I take?

If your body tends to be more sensitive to remedies or medication, then just start out with a couple of drops per day. I have people taking the remedy anywhere from just a few drops per day, to 10 drops, three times a day. I personally do not see the sickest people, so I am used to using 2 droppers 3-5 times a day with my patients. I have doctors who only buy the 2oz bottles and keep their patients at a low dosage. However, I also have other doctors who only buy the 4oz bottles and have their patients take higher doses, like I do. I always like for people to find a person who can use some sort of testing method such as muscle testing, CPK, Zyto Machine, to “ask” the individual body what it needs exactly. I am hoping that if one knows that I am very comfortable with some people taking 2 droppers, 5 times a day, and some people only taking one DROP per day, it will give one the peace of mind to just listen to their own body and innately know what is best for them.

Should I use the remedies based in Alcohol or Apple Cider Vinegar?

I extracted the herbs using apple cider vinegar because many the patients that present with lyme disease cannot handle the alcohol due to the amount of ammonia in their bodies. I also found it to be a good alternative for recovering alcoholics. The Apple Cider Vinegar formulas do not act the same as the alcohol ones. The alcohol versions generally go under the tongue and are taken directly into the bloodstream. Apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, should be mixed with water or organic apple juice, and targets the gut more. If you can tolerate both alcohol and apple cider vinegar, now the question to ask yourself is, where are the infections, or the bacteria, or the viruses? Are they mostly coming from a “sick gut”? Or is the infection in the blood? You can always do BOTH to get the most out of each product and attack from both angles, which can definitely be useful when dealing with complex illnesses, such as Lyme disease.

I have Lyme, where do I start?

I would recommend that you start with the Intense Protocol and just focus intensely on getting rid of everything that could possibly be going on. If you want to take it slow, I still recommend Borrelogen ™and the Neuro-Antitox™ II formula’s, as well as lots and lots of home therapies. Borrelogen™ is a very powerful remedy that helps the body deal with the way the spirochetes like to shift to evade the immune system. Borrelogen™ helps the body recognize the spirochete when it shifts to the L-form, and is also effective against the viruses since it has Virogen™in it. Then you can switch or add Lymogen ™or Microbojen™ later(Why switch later).

Can I give JN remedies to my animals?

Absolutely! We have people give our remedies to dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys and even chickens to name a few.  Rabbits can have paragen rubbed on their ears for ear mites. Dogs can have Yeast-Ease rubbed on their ears for Yeast. And have yeast-ease put into their water or directly in their mouths. Dogs and Donkeys who have been bit by poisonous snake have been saved with the Neuro-Antitox II formula, in fact there have been cases in which Chickens with incurable disease have been saved by both the alcohol, and apple cider vinegar versions.

Do you have any formulas to help eradicate bartonella? 

Bartonella is a stealth bacteria. We created Lymogen to help the body address this bacteria, but from our experience it is never just Bartonella bacteria. Typically it is a combination of yeast, mold, fungus, parasites, and other virus and bacteria as well. For this reason we recommend combining molybdenum, to help fight die off, and Borrelogen as a broad spectrum support for the Lymogen remedy.


Here is my ” Intense E-books and Blogs” that also gives ideas on home detox therapies, and foods to eat to help with healing, and a guide to the powerful remedies you should use.