Epstein Barr Virus Bundle

Epstein Barr Virus Bundle

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This is a bundle of natural remedies that have been shown to work together to facilitate the body's abilities to eliminate the Epstein Barr Virus and restore the damage done.

Bundle Includes:

Don't forget to do lots of DETOXIFYING

Formula with Ethanol Base also contains: 20% Natural Grain Spirits contains 20% and distilled water. |
Formula with Apple Cider Vinegar Base also contains: Apple Cider Vinegar-Based Formula Certified Organic Raw, Unfiltered, Unheated, Unpasteurized, and 5% acidity apple cider vinegar. | Please note that remedies with the apple cider vinegar base come with caps that do not have droppers. See our FAQ Page to learn why.


(Please keep your individual body's sensitivity levels in mind and adjust accordingly)

  • Virogen ACV- 1/2 tsp 3x/day*
  • Virogen Ethanol- 2 droppers 5x/day*
  • Xera-Tox Ethanol- 2 droppers 5x/day*
  • Molybdenum- 1 capsule 5x/day*
  • Stabilized Allicin- 1 capsule/day


*Or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Through Bio-Resonance scanning (learn more here), we are able to identify the specific frequencies of a wide spectrum of infections, diseases, toxins, parasites, and many other common health irritants. Once identified, we are able to formulate our herbal extracts to match these frequencies in a way that will provide the body with the bio-information it needs to facilitate its own energetic antimicrobial, detoxification, & other control systems. As this kind of progress grows, the symptoms fall away. So essentially, it is not only a formula of herbs, but also of frequencies that work hand-in-hand with God’s design of the human body, instead of “doing for the body what the body should do for itself." Expertly formulated in small batches, each product is the result of years of clinical work striving to help real patients who had gotten minimal results with the big-name, heavily marketed, nutritional supplements.


Virogen works to restore the proper integrity of the crystalline matrix of the body so that the body can resolve viral invasion.

Virogen™ was created over fifteen years ago to help restore a patient who was affected by the Gulf War Syndrome, a genetically engineered or “designer microbe” called "Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus," which has genetic material spliced into it from some of the world’s worst viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

Virogen™ was the result of this clinical preliminary and has been many doctors' favorite remedies to create a super-strong, completely integrated crystalline matrix against virtually any viruses.


Xera-Tox™ is designed to go after harmful toxins on a deep level and is composed of several ingredients that are extremely valuable to any antiviral strategy. Contains the following:

  • Silphium: Thought to break down and/or bind microbial neurotoxins. It helps the body deal with the accumulation of ammonia as well.
  • Stevia: Helps nutrients get into the cell and helps the cell release waste that’s been trapped as well.
  • Dandelion: Several test-tube studies found that dandelion extract significantly reduced the ability of viruses to replicate (1) (2) (3).
  • Burdock: It’s a powerhouse of antioxidants (4). Antioxidants may have a role in the treatment of viral diseases (5).
  • Yucca: Yucca contains high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which can benefit the immune system and overall health. Vitamin C stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells, which fight infections and viruses (6).
  • Shilajit: Transports nutrients right into the cells and makes cell membranes more permeable so that nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allow waste to leave the cell. The wide range of minerals and compounds found in shilajit may also help fight off viruses. A research study noted that shilajit could fight off and kill many different viruses in isolated environments, including some herpes viruses (7). It is the most powerful natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant known to science at this time and has the ability to remove toxic heavy metals and other pollutants from the system. 

Molybdenum is a trace mineral that can dramatically aid in the detoxification of the toxins caused by the dysfunction of multiple tissues in chronic illness. It's a valuable asset to this bundle because it will bind up and help the body eliminate the die-off that gets released.


Our product contains high levels of stabilized allicin that provide broad-spectrum immune support and immunomodulating properties. Allicin is an incredibly potent antioxidant and induces metabolic stress on invasive pathogens by disrupting their defenses and starving them on metabolic elements and compounds.



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*These comments have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or address disease. All of the products in the Jernigan Nutraceutical product line work to enhance and support the restoration of the structure and function of the body’s crystalline matrix. Always consult with your healthcare professional before beginning this or any other dietary supplement.