Are JN Remedies Safe for Animals?

The answer is yes, yes and yes. We have used it personally on our own pets over the years with great success. There are two of our clients that would be more than happy to help anyone figure out how to use the Jernigan Nutraceutical products for their pets. One is Catherine Ritlaw who owns Journey’s End Ranch where she takes in sick animals (mostly dogs and horses). You can find out more about her work hereThe other is the author of Beating Lichen Sclerosis, Ginny Chandoha, find her book and more here. Ginny uses the JN products mostly on chickens and cats.

What is the Proper Dosage?

For most animals I would dose them according to the suggested use described on the labels. If the animal is under 20 pounds, I would do about 10 drops 1 to 3 times a day. I have one friend who uses it on her rabbits, which tend to be super sensitive so their dosage is about 1 to 2 drops a day. When it comes to which formula works best I think it depends on the animal. My dogs will not touch the water or their food if it has anything in it or on it. So, I have to use a dropper and put it in their mouth, but if I had a choice I would prefer to put their remedies (either the ACV or the ethanol) in their water. Many times when my dog is being really stubborn, I just put the remedy on their skin and let it soak into their body that way.

Our Most Effective Remedies for Animals

This herbal remedy has three BIG jobs. It helps the body deal with bacteria and viruses, as well as the toxins associated with them. It is also designed to permeate the cells where the toxins and viruses are hiding, which means no more stealth invaders. Click here for more information.
Paragen has been tested against the frequencies of more than 10 parasites, including malaria, roundworms & tapeworms. This remedy is a must for removing stealth invaders! Click here for more information.
Virogen is our favorite remedy to create a super strong, healthy body to resist virtually any viruses. Click here for more information
This is a very versatile remedy. Dr. Sara uses it for a variety of ailments ranging from dangerously complex to the deceptively simple. Whether it’s Lyme disease or the common flu, this is one of our top go-to’s. Click here for more information

Which Remedy Works Best?

I get a lot of questions asking me which remedy will work best for their animal. If an animal has Lyme Disease, I would use Borrelogen and the Neuro-Antitox II Basic (either the ACV version or the ethanol version).

If the animal had yeast infection and/or parasites, I would do Yeast-Ease Plus and Paragen. You can put any product on topically, in their ears or on a sore on their body.

Cancer? I would use Bio-Maclurin.

Virus? I would use Virogen.

Bacteria? I would use Microbojen.

Toxins and Bites? I would use Macola Oil and the Neuro-Antitox II Basic. If you want the  REAL expert advice email either of these ladies, they would be more than happy to share their experiences with you.

Patty’s Miracle

Who is Patty?
Patty is a 5-6 year old 30 pound basenji mix dog. She is not “healthy.” She is on thyroxine for hypothyroidism and she has had a history of over-vaccination. She came from Texas and kept running away and being repeatedly impounded. The Austin shelter would re-vaccinate her every time she was impounded and she probably got 4-5 rabies vaccs within a 2 year period, plus other combo vaccs and all while untreated hypothyroid. She arrived here in December frenetically hyperactive- seizure activity. Thyroid medication and detoxing helped her dramatically, but she continued to have rage attacks. We suspected Lyme or another tick disease and began treating her with Jernigan Neuro Antitox and Microbojen. The aggressive outbursts decreased, but continued, so we started her on doxycycline 5 weeks ago and her temperament improved dramatically. So, she already has neurological problems
The Great Scare
Patty was bitten by Mojave rattler Sat 4/23 at 4 PM. I saw it happen. She had eaten an hour before the snakebite and had been given 6 drops of Antitox in her meal, so she had some in her system when bitten. She also has been getting one cc of Essential GSH/day (glutathione). I gave her 3 more droppers of Jernigan Neuro Antitox and 1 cc dexate (4 mg.) Sub Q. Snake went down a hole. Patty’s face became swollen, but she was acting okay. 2 hours later I found the snake in the yard again, I go to get it and Patty tries to bite it again. Gave another 2 droppers of AntiTox. Hours later Patty is now hungry and begging for treats. She is back outside looking for the snake 2 & 1/2 hours after bite.
24 Hour Update
15 hours post bite the swelling nearly gone, and Patty is showing no signs of illness. I also have given her 10 capsules of phophatidyl-choline (venom can contain an enzyme that destroys phospholipids in the cell membrane) and 10 mg. of vitamin K1 (a small dose, but I had to give her 100 K1 pills to get that much into her). I also gave her 5 cc of Essential GSH- lipoceutical glutathione (oral). However, I give all credit regarding her recovery to Dr. Jernigan’s Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS formula. 24 hours post bite Patty is still doing great!
“I’m forever thankful to the Jernigan family for giving to the world such wonderful inspiration and products. While I’m blessed to be free of LS (it seems like a lifetime ago), to have helped a little girl be free of the same disease, and hopefully more people with my book (in print sometime in 2014), what I feel most proud of is using the Jernigan nutraceuticals to cure my 5 chickens of Marek’s Disease, which is caused by several strains of the Herpes Virus. Everything I’d read about the disease claims it is “incurable” (the name they give every ailment that conventional medicine can’t cure and conventional doctors don’t have a clue), and that 99.9% of the infected will die. I’ve read about other people whose chickens have survived Marek’s and they have to keep them quarantined for life because “they will always have the virus” and that the survivors are referred to as “special needs” chickens because they are either blind or unable to walk properly due to the disease. My 5 Marek’s Disease survivors are a daily reminder of the power of the body, the power of God, the power of nature, and the power of the Jernigan Nutraceuticals because (1) they no longer are carriers of the virus, and (2) to look at them now you’d never know they’d been so ill. They are 100% recovered, fully functional, and healthy. They are my pride and joy and watching them do their “chicken thing” while remembering how they’d been so afflicted, how they struggled to survive, and their recovery amazes me daily. Often I cry just watching them being normal healthy chickens.”
Ginny Chandoha
Author of Beating Lichen Sclerosis
“I am so grateful for the Jernigan line of nutraceuticals! They have helped to cure me, my husband, our cats, and our chickens of all sorts of ailments and I always keep a good supply on hand of everything “just in case.”
Ginny Chandoha
Author of Beating Lichen Sclerosis

**These comments have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or address disease. All of the products in the Jernigan Nutraceutical product line work to enhance and support the restoration of the structure and function of the body’s crystalline matrix. Always consult with your healthcare professional before beginning this or any other dietary supplement.**