After 20 years of selling this combination to health care practitioners I have found that the best way to relieve allergy symptoms for your child is to get rid of the cause of the allergies instead of covering up the symptoms with an over- the -counter anti-histamine drug.

This is my simple explanation of the cause of allergies:

When your body is full of toxins from just living in this world and when it has a build up of parasites, mold, and fungus in your body. Your cup is full so to speak. So, when you are exposed to mold, fungus, pollen, toxins, etc. your body reacts to it by creating histamines. Most people do not like the symptoms, so they grab for an anti-histamine drug. Using these drugs may cause your symptoms to subside for the moment, but nothing took care of the real reason your body triggered the histamine response in the first place

Allermac is an antihistamine that also helps the body get rid of the fungus, mold, and toxins that are causing the symptoms of allergies.

Paragen ACV

patient picture of round worms expelled from use of Paragen
patient picture of round worms expelled from use of Paragen

Helps clean the gut i.e. your intestines with an anti-fungal remedy and anti-parasitic herbs infused that is extracted with apple cider vinegar. Parasites are in everyone, and they tend to release toxins into the body.  Most people over look this possibility when they are battling allergies. Parasites are a normal occurrence in people, but when you are toxic or have too much yeast these critters get out of control, and they increase the amount of toxins present in the body.

Molybdenum After 15 years of treating patients we have learned that we can not only give products that will help the body kill everything that is causing the allergic reaction. You have to get rid of the die-off. If you don’t, there will be a build up of toxins which would only worsen your issues. Molybdenum grabs onto the dead “stuff” and helps you get rid of it.


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