You may notice that words like “aorta,” “cerebral cortex,” “elbow joint,” etc. are listed in the Neuro-Antitox II ingredient lists, which can sound a little bit strange. First off, it’s important to emphasize that these ingredients are sarcobioENERGETIC potencies, as opposed to sarcobiogenic. These are homeo-energetic imprints, which act as driving agents to direct the remedy to specific tissues where it is needed, instead of floating around randomly inside the body. Therefor, if one’s optic nerve or cerebellum, for example, needs this product in order to get better, it will find it. We implement some concepts from radionics in this formula. Here’s a definition from

“Radionics is a form of homeopathy that depends on identifying frequencies using various types of machines, instead of just simple substances that are used in classical and even European homeopathy. The concept, again, is that each germ, disease, organ, nutrient and even subtle body of a person is characterized by one or more specific electromagnetic frequencies.”


No contact was ever made with those tissues. Only the  frequency signatures are used in the JN products to specifically target the healing properties, etc.