Microbojen is one of the most power-packed remedies you will ever come across. It is designed to help the body get rid of all kinds of microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, prions, and mycoplasms. In a small, independent study, Microbojen increased the t-cells up to 200 points and restored normal weight and sense of well-being with one bottle in people suffering from AIDS. We have used this formula for people with the worst of the worst illnesses.

Xera-tox A power packed detox product to get rid of the “bad critters”

Molybdenum is usually my go-to remedy when my child complains of a headache. I have always said that no one is having a headache because they are deficient in aspirin. When bacteria is destroyed in the body, it is turned into dead stuff we call “die off” that is allowed to run around in the body until we are able to flush it out. The Molybdenum binds to toxins and the body actually gets rid of it through it’s natural waste mechanisms.

– Microbojen 4oz

-Xera-tox 2oz

-Molybdenum (300mg) 90 caps

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